sábado, 23 de junho de 2007


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Well that's it I'm back in the UK...
You can carry on following the journey though at www.afroreggaedigital.com - there'll be new shows added all the time to the Introductory Programme currently broadcasting on the stream... There's also loads on the website - sets from the Favela Feva parties, picture galleries and pages from the students... Please log on now to www.afroreggaedigital.com - we want you to listen, and we want to know what you think so please email any comments to izzy@afroreggaedigital.com...
I tell you what it's been a blast, and continues to be... In many ways this doesn't feel like the end of a journey but the beginning of one... The radio station is up and running - we're recording shows with the AfroReggae family as well as guest artists and DJs; the first group of 24 students are about to embark on their formal 6 mth Radio Production & Web-based Media course, learning a range of skills from journalism to production to photography and DJing; the fundraising events continue with another Favela Feva party at Guanabara in September and BrazilianBeatz in Bristol on Nov 1st...
There's a lot to do, so it's time for me to go... I'm about to get on with writing another of the workshops (still a few left to start..!)
I want to send much love and respect out to everyone I met and spent time with in Brazil...
At the moment I am mostly feeling the word: Suadade
I miss you... but distance can't get in the way of love
Thank you also to everyone who supported from the UK - you have all made this possible not just for me but also the station, the students... who knows how far it can go..? AfroReggaeDigital is testimony to what can be done when we pool our efforts and work together for the common good... so thank you to everyone - in Brazil, the UK, all around the world, let's keep AfroReggaeDigital alive, on air and listen! New audio & visual content on the website all the time, hold tight for the live show coming soon too!
Kay I need to jump off of here... they tell me it's all about facebook now (4 months away and it's true - so many things stay the same, so many things change...) So I've got a page (look for Izzy Fairbairn) and there's an AfroReggaeDigital network going on too - www.facebook.com
So if I haven't seen you already I hope to hear from you soon...
Tchau (for now...) & Big Love, Izzy (not) in Rio (anymore) Xxx

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2007

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Well I know I've been very bad staying away for so long... It hasn't meant there's been nothing to talk about though... The big news is is that THE STATION IS ON AIR... We had a big strategy meeting (gosh) a few weeks ago now, and kind of a second smaller one today where we've decided the immediate objectives for the station. There's been a show on loop up since Monday 4th June. This will be added to with various bits of audio - shows and inserts - from the AfroReggae family, students, guest artists and friends of the station, until September when we launch the schedule with a daily live show and regular shows online from the students. School term, so to speak, starts officially on July 9th and until then there'll be regular workshops creating content for the online stream and site. So please keep checking www.afroreggaedigital.com for some wicked beats and interesting (guaranteed to be..) radio from now.
In between the meetings I've been pre- and post-producing the show... got the red eye computer editing look totally down and had to play a lot of musical computers. I'm sad to say my laptop is not happy - she's got no space left in her at all and half her monitor is cracked so i'm currently writing this on a third of a normal screen size...... which means i'm gonna try and keep this short (oh dear she just went dark then not a good sign - i'd better be quick...) So bleary eyed in the middle of the edit I went on an amazing holiday with the fam... We went to the 2 sides of Iguacu (Wow - the power of the water, the rainbows, the serenity, the intensity) and staying in a lodge on the Amazon River... Chilled out with the monkeys and watched the sun rise/set to the sound of the jungle... Incredible - big up, thanks and love to the beautiful family.. Was a great week... XxX